Positive-Impact Book

Positive Impact:
Inspiring Trust and Confidence

This book is your one-stop shop for creating positive impacts on others. Whether you’re in a meeting, negotiation or presentation, or just at home with your spouse and kids, positive impact equips you with tolls you’ll find indispensable.

Intelligence is Overrated:
What You Really Need to Succeed

What’s Inside:

  • Your education is by far not the most important thing to be successful in life
  • Your human engineering skills is even more important than your formal grade
  • Discover the 100 excuses that will block your success
  • Money, sex, power: How to get plenty of one

What you really need to succeed book
Trust factor book

The Trust Factor:
Negotiating in SMARTnership

Cooperation and trust are two of the most important ingredients to a long-term business relationship. Yet why does it still feel like the negotiation table is a battle ground with winner and losers? Have you realized that you still have gotten to “yes”? In this ground-breaking book, Keld Jensen offers a new approach to negotiation and quantifies the relationship between increased trust among trading partners and improved bottom line.

The Third Road – Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes

SMARTnership – The Third Road offers professional negotiators and corporate executives innovative techniques to access mutually beneficial solutions that do not make their way to the bargaining table unless the parties agree to work cooperatively.

Honest Negotiation

It has been estimated that today, the cost of negotiating the average B2B contract is $16,800. In larger corporations, the annual costs of contract negotiation amount to more than $1.26 billion! On the order of 8.2 billion B2B contracts are signed each year; at least 50% of those require negotiation. Why are those numbers so important? Because research has shown that, on average, 42% of the potential value in negotiated agreements is lost!

The SMARTnership Negotiation Manual
The worlds most awarded negotiation strategy

This book is about the most important leadership and human skill that ever existed. The skill to interact with other people. All business is human, – its never a relationship between two organizations but always between people. Learn how to negotiate in the world of SMARTnership – the lastest and most advanced negotiation research result developed into a method since ”Getting to Yes”

Influential Communication
Getting more of what you want

Part of the SMARTnership(TM) Negotiation Series, this eBook focuses on the fundamental communication skills that every business professional needs to succeed. Whether you are meeting with prospective clients, working on a project team with coworkers, negotiating contract terms, or simply conversing over the water-cooler you need to be able to get your thoughts across and make a meaningful connection with your listener. This book shows you how to position yourself for success so that you get what you want out of your professional relationships.

Persuasive Presentations
Influencing Decisions, Affecting outcomes, Getting Results

This eBook, part of the SMARTnership(TM) Negotiation Series, offers business people a refresher course on the basic skills of presenting from the podium. In the 21st century corporate climate presentation skills can make or break a career. Whether you are currently in a cubicle or the Board room, you must be able to communicate your ideas and make an emotional connection standing before a group of co-workers, prospects, financiers, or vendor partners. This eBook will enable you to give strong, effective, and impactful presentations so that you are getting the recognition you deserve and the results you want.
Persuasive presentations
101 excuses that will block your success

101 Excuses That Will Block Your Success
How to pick yourself up in the midst of a crisis.

Right now, more than ever, the art and science of “picking yourself up” is a necessity.

When a crisis emerges, it brings out the best in people—and the worst in people. This current crisis is no exception. When we are stressed, we often gravitate toward “flight” behavior. You can see this happen in many sorts of circumstances. Despite our stress, we should do all we can to resist that instinctual response, and look for ways to bounce back instead.

My Alternative Play: Plan B

Life rarely develops quite like we imagine or plan. New possibilities appear. Limitations and stops occur, and we must choose an alternative route. The world is surrounded by the choices you make (or the lack thereof) and depends on the alternatives you have or create for yourself.
My alternative play
Negotiation Partnerships

Negotiating Partnerships
Increase Profits and Reduce Risk

Authors examine the differences between negotiators who reached easy, quick and profitable partnerships and those whose negotiations were protracted and stressful, and resulted in poor deals or total failure.