Live Monthly Coaching
And Discussions.

Each month you will have the opportunity to explore an important aspect of negotiation with Keld Jensen, and often with a guest expert as well. We will meet online each month for a one-hour coaching and discussion session.
You’re welcome to bring a case, if you wish, and discuss your challenges. Ask questions and get live feedback. These sessions are meant for you.
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You want state of the art, boutique training that is not offered anywhere else. The concept is a TM of Keld Jensen and the Intellectual Property is the World´s most awarded negotiation strategy.
  • You negotiate online and offline.
  • You have lost the confidence to negotiate and believe your life will be improved dramatically, by training to become a professional negotiator.
  • You have been looking for a trainer, but need someone who works internationally and understand a global context.
  • You are looking for online or offline training with an award winning experienced trainer that both write, speak and advice on negotiation globally, without the expensive price tag of a branded university. (He lectures at 3 different universities eMBA classes).
  • You are frustrated that every negotiation you do, does not work out the way you planned it in your head.
  • You are in charge of a team, but need the tools to efficiently run the team in a negotiation
  • You want to become a top level negotiator creating immediate better results for your organization and yourself.
  • You have a hard time dealing with certain negotiators and their behavior and need the toolbox to handle the all types of behaviors.

Who is this community for?

If you have professional experience and involvement in procurement, contracting, legal matters, management, entrepreneurship, project execution or sales, you stand to reap significant benefits from community membership.

We maintain the right to decline membership applications. One of our core concerns is building and maintaining a well-balanced group whose membership reflects a solid background in the negotiating arts.

Monthly Session Format and Protocols

Each monthly session will include a presentation on a specific topic by Mr. Keld Jensen, a Q&A session and a case introduced by a group member. The case will be discussed by the group and Mr. Jensen, with the objective of providing the case presenter with substantive and constructive feedback.

If additional advice is needed beyond what can be provided during the session, Mr. Jensen will be available for up to one additional hour to discuss the case with its presenter.

As a member of the community, it is expected you will be an active participant in monthly sessions and in general.

As a condition of admission to the group, we ask that you sign an NDA. This will allow free discussion of cases presented. To assure participants’ anonymity, we recommend that substitute names for individuals and companies be used throughout presentations and discussions.

Upcoming Topics

Why is negotiation a management strategy? How should we implement it? |Negotiating and personal communications | The different roles in the perfect negotiation team
September: Negotiating Online

  • Video, email or phone negotiations vs. face to face
  • A talk about preparation: what to be aware of, importance of checklists. Online negotiation is different—and potentially more difficult than face to face.

October: Value Creation

    • Let’s be real: We most often negotiate to improve our financial outcome. But how?

    • With a zero-sum approach, where we win at our counterpart’s expense?

    • Or through the award-winning concept of NegoEconomics, where up to 42% additional value can be identified and realized? Result = both parties win.

  • Bring your case and we’ll discuss how your organization can create NegoEconomics.

value creation

November: Negotiation And Culture

It’s a big world, where negotiators face cultural challenges. And not just in international negotiations—they’re even present right around the corner. We’ll discuss your unique challenges as a leader encountering multiple cultures.

December: Trust

Trust has been declining world-wide over the last 70 years. The cost in lost financial opportunities is enormous. Learn to use trust as a monetary variable to improve your bottom line.


What is the maximum number of participants?

Since we want to make sure each session generates value for everyone, we limit the number of participants to 25.

Where are the sessions held?

Each session is conducted live online, using the Zoom platform. To join the session, click the personal link we’ll send you. You can dial in by phone if you prefer, but we strongly recommend Zoom—you’ll want to see our visuals.

What are the technology requirements?

For the best experience, live online sessions should be accessed via a computer/laptop. A good internet connection, speakers and a microphone are required.

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