TRUST is a precious commodity in commercial transactions. Analysts have suggested that the events of the last two years – corporate scandals, oil spills, and a global economic downturn – have eroded consumer trust in the business community. Our goal is to learn how readily corporate culture adheres to ethical standards, and whether individuals feel the state of ethics has changed in recent years.

This survey is being conducted by The MarketWatch Center for Negotiation A/S – an international consulting firm at the University Of Copenhagen. The results will appear in Prof. Keld Jensen’s upcoming book, The Best Policy: Reinstating Trust in Commercial Transactions. Individuals who participate will have access to survey results upon publication.

Please contribute to the generation of reliable knowledge regarding transparency in commercial transactions by completing this short, multiple-choicequestionnaire. These 6 questions require no extended responses, and should consume no more than 2-3 minutes of your time. Your feedback is highly valued, and necessary in reinvigorating the concept of trust in contemporary corporate culture. All information provided is strictly confidential, and serves solely research purposes.


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