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Positive Impact: Inspiring Trust and Confidence

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Intelligence is Overrated:
What You Really Need to Succeed

Intelligence is overrated is about success or rather succes what success requires and what success is.

Find Out How:
Your education is by far not the most important thing to be successful in life
Your human engineering skills is even more important than your formal grade
Discover the 100 Excuses That Will Block Your Success
Money, Sex, Power: How to Get Plenty of One

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Retail: $35.00
Palgrave Macmillan
(December 3, 2013)
ISBN: 978-1-137-33225-7
280 pages, Hard cover

The Trust Factor:
Negotiating in SMARTnership™
Make the Pie Bigger and Everyone Wins

by Keld Jensen

Cooperation and trust are two of the most important ingredients to a long-term business relationship. Yet why does it still feel like the negotiation table is a battle ground with winner and losers? Have you realized that you still have gotten to “yes”? In this ground-breaking book, Keld Jensen offers a new approach to negotiation and quantifies the relationship between increased trust among trading partners and improved bottom line. If you continue on the 20th Century win-lose path, you are losing out on millions—not because of increased costs, but through lost opportunities.

This 21st Century approach is a cocktail of trust, honesty, and cooperation, flavored with good intentions that your loyal opposition will fully benefit from the deal you are about to make. The Trust Factor allows you to leverage the mutual gains that only become apparent when the relationship is built in SMARTnership™.

Keld Jensen’s revolutionary concept of NegoEconomics™ is the active pursuit of the value hidden in a commercial transaction through cooperative deal-making. If the parties agree to pursue the asymmetric value hidden in a transaction, the pie becomes bigger, and there is more to share, a win-win scenario for everyone.

Drawing on the eye-opening realities of behavioral economics, and his own research and experience, Jensen demonstrates how the Trust Factor takes the negotiation process to a whole new level of effectiveness by turning one-off transactions into long-standing business SMARTnerships™.


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U.S. $14.95
EUR €12.95
Acanthus Publishing, 2012
150 pages, Hard cover
ISBN: 978-0-9847333-7-8

SMARTnership: The Third Road

Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes

by Keld Jensen

SMARTnership – The Third Road offers professional negotiators and corporate executives innovative techniques to access mutually beneficial solutions that do not make their way to the bargaining table unless the parties agree to work cooperatively.

A SMARTnership™ is a relationship between business entities where two or more parties are working together seamlessly in informed cooperation.

The SMARTnership strategy is an alternative to the zero-sum and partnership models which demonstrates the benefits of working in full trust and cooperation in order to create added value.

This book will teach you how to:

• Be open without being naïve
• Handle the stress of the bargaining table and manage mistakes
• Make concessions only when you get something in return
• Access a broad range of variables that facilitate the creation of added value
• Expand the potential for profit and shareholder value using trust and cooperation
• Choose the right negotiation method for the situation
• Develop a defined negotiation strategy for your business
• Make the pie bigger and achieve a negotiation with two winners!

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U.S. $9.99
Acanthus Publishing, 2011
139 pages, PDF eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9842173-6-6


Influencing Decisions, Affecting Outcomes, Getting Results

by Keld Jensen

This eBook, part of the SMARTnership™ Negotiation Series, offers business people a refresher course on the basic skills of presenting from the podium. In the 21st century corporate climate presentation skills can make or break a career. Whether you are currently in a cubicle or the Board room, you must be able to communicate your ideas and make an emotional connection standing before a group of co-workers, prospects, financiers, or vendor partners. This eBook will enable you to give strong, effective, and impactful presentations so that you are getting the recognition you deserve and the results you want.

It has become mandatory for businesspeople to develop the ability to persuasively present their ideas, products and strategies and obtain the buy-in of an audience of decision makers. This eBook shows you how to gain the respect and attention of your audience so that you are confident, clear and credible. It addresses the vital skills of successful business speaking including:

• Delivering from the podium
• Reaching your audience
• Choosing the right presentation style
• Preparing to present
• Structuring your presentation
• Managing questions
• Using visual aids to strengthen your content

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U.S. $9.99
Acanthus Publishing, 2011
131 pages, PDF eBook
ISBN: 978-0-9842173-5-9


Getting More of What You Want

by Keld Jensen

Part of the SMARTnership™ Negotiation Series, this eBook focuses on the fundamental communication skills that every business professional needs to succeed. Whether you are meeting with prospective clients, working on a project team with coworkers, negotiating contract terms, or simply conversing over the water-cooler you need to be able to get your thoughts across and make a meaningful connection with your listener. This book shows you how to position yourself for success so that you get what you want out of your professional relationships.
This eBook shows you how to optimize the clarity and impact of your communication by creating congruency in your words, your tone, and your body language and then adjusting your delivery or your content to accommodate the listener’s preferred method of receiving information. By customizing what you are saying to the other person’s preferred style, you can quickly build rapport, establish trust and credibility, and enhance the clarity and persuasive value of your message.

The most successful businesspeople are self-aware enough to have an understanding of how they learn, process information, react to circumstances and how this knowledge shapes their ability to read and influence others. This book discusses a wide range of necessary skills such as:

• how to listen effectively
• how to engage your counterpart and build trust
• how to customize communication for individual preferences
• how to properly send and interpret body language signals
• how to establish rapport so that you are making the connection
• How to assert yourself so that you are decisive and confident

Being able to communicate effectively across the table or in front of the room is a vital skill that ranks among the most important for people emerging into leadership positions. Using the power of influence is a key factor in progressing through the ranks of any organization. This eBook will prepare you for the journey toward the next evolution of your professional self.

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