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Optimizing negotiation outcomes

Keld Jensen demonstrates the mindset, tactics, and communication skills corporate leaders must master in order to greatly expand the possibilities and financial returns of their business dealings. Jensen provides an essential playbook for successful deal-making that a savvy corporate executive cannot be without.

Effective negotiation skills have become an indispensable competency in the arsenal of the corporate chief executive. Business leaders who are able to optimize the potential of commercial transactions are in increasing demand by corporate organizations, and their competence has been recognized by market analysts and the media. Senior managers who are able to successfully negotiate both internally and externally are several steps ahead of their peers. When your job security is measured by how effectively you create value for your customers and dividends for your shareholders, a mastery of NegoEconomics™ signals exemplary corporate leadership and the tipping point of individual excellence.

Jensen’s unique approach to corporate effectiveness equips executives with the skills to expand value in any business transaction by stressing cooperation over an “us-versus-them” mentality. Whether the executive is working with six members of the board of directors, 6,000 global employees, or one supplier partner, Keld Jensen’s approach facilitates a mutually beneficial outcome: if negotiators share information and explore collaborative approaches to their deal, both parties get more out of the transaction than they previously thought possible.

Jensen has been at the forefront of the discussion on innovative negotiation strategies that are steering companies away from the zero-sum approach to a more cooperative one based on trust, honesty and fair dealing. His “the bigger the pie, the bigger the slice” logic has acquired him a loyal following amongst senior executive decision makers. These influential leaders span numerous industrial sectors, including energy, travel, tourism, financial services, automobile manufacturing, and telecommunications. Jensen seeks to reshape the established approach to negotiation by spearheading the idea that transparency ultimately leads to optimized outcomes grounded in mutual gains.


  • “After an exhaustive search for a provider of negotiations training for our European Sourcing personnel we decided to employ Keld Jensen’s services.    We made this decision based on Keld’s stellar reputation as an engaging and informative instructor.

    Individuals who attend Keld’s negotiations training session are unanimous in their positive feedback.   Keld delivers his course material in a manner that holds the interest of his audience. His thought-provoking questions assure active participation in course discussions and facilitate peer learning.  His use of video-taped simulated negotiations and subsequent performance feedback is insightful for all participants.

    I highly recommend Keld and his MarketWatch associates to any organization that is looking to develop and foster the growth of collaborative negotiation skills.”

    Thermo Fisher
    Director - Global Procurement Excellence Donna A. Chappas CPSM, C.P.M.
  • ”I have met and worked with Keld Jensen more times during the last 5 years.. His seminar in professional negotiation was ranked as one of the best seminars by the students among all seminars during the whole eMBA education at BMI.

    His huge international understanding on culture differences and the impact on those in negotiation was to a benefit for all at the eMBA education. No doubt that Keld’s knowledge about professional negotiation on all levels is one of the most recognized in in the international business environment”

    Statoil Fuel & Retail AS
    Senior Director Morten Christensen
  • “As a speakers’ bureau owner, I was extremely intrigued with Mr. Jensen’s extensive and impressive global background as an academic, an innovative thought leader, consultant, author and professional speaker. He’s likely the only person in the world who can claim to be actively involved with and a contributor to the Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Copenhagen Business School and Forbes magazine.

    Speakers Gold bureau
    President Cathleen Fillmore
  • ” Mr. Jensen’s unique experience as a practitioner and a writer about negotiation and contract management has placed him in a premium position in the field of negotiation. He is recognized internationally among the top speakers and consultants in the negotiation field.”

    “As an expert in the negotiation and conflict management field, I am qualified to note that Mr. Jensen can be set apart from many other writers and consultants in this field. In particular, Mr. Jensen’s experience working with US executives and organizations across the globe makes him especially qualified to increase the opportunities for US trade and enhanced economic opportunities. Mr. Jensen has an extensive global experience consulting with governments and private sector organizations in their negotiation and contract pursuits. “

    Thunderbird, School of Global Management
    Associate Professor Karen S. Walch, PhD
  • Mr. Jensen’s contribution to business and society. International trade is fundamental to economic well-being; it is also critical to international relations and harmony.

    Given the foremost role of the United States in the field of international trade, his research and teaching are invaluable in supporting the country’s success in global markets.”

    IACCM International Association for Contract and Commercial Management
    Founder and CEO Timm Cummins
  • “Mr. Jensen represents an important and unique voice in the field of negotiation. His novel approach combines expert academic knowledge with practical approaches and has generated a unique concept in SMARTnership and the financial model of NegoEconomics.”

    “Mr. Jensen is a prolific writer and educator on negotiation, communication, ethics, and trust. His output of high-quality books and articles is indeed remarkable. “

    Harvard Law School
    Director Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D.
  • “I have had the pleasure and honor of being Keld Jensen’s editor for two and a half years as he has been a contributor to Forbes.

    We recruited him to write for Forbes as a recognized leading expert on negotiation and business communication. He has unfailingly done work of the highest order, accurate, thorough, clean, clear, and fully reflective of his surpassing knowledge and wisdom in his field. He has always been a pleasure working with. We feel very lucky to have secured his services.”

    Forbes Magazine
    Leadership Editor Frederick E. Allen
  • “Mr. Keld Jensen has always been among the few of the best BMI faculty members.

    Mr. Jensen is very charismatic and has extraordinary skills of interacting with the participants.”

    Baltic Management Institute -BMI
    Director General Jaunius Pusvaskis
  • “Mr. Keld Jensen’s prolific writing and outstanding teaching skills are second to none, which is to be expected from one of the world’s foremost experts in his field.

    Aalborg University
    MBA Director Lars Krull
  • "His thought-provoking questions assure active participation in course discussions and facilitate peer learning. His use of video-taped simulated negotiations and subsequent performance feedback is insightful for all participants. As one of my colleagues stated, 'It was such a teaming experience, it was a good way to see myself in action and s. what I need to work on.' His commitment to the principle of anchoring any negotiation with the goal of growing the value for all parties is a refreshing change from the traditional, competitive approach to negotiations."

    Global Procurement Excellence
    Donna A. Chappas CPSM, C.P.M Director
  • "Keld is dynamic in the classroom, holding the listeners´attention through the use of groundbreaking concepts and new ways of looking at things. He illuminates and entertains. "

    Thunderbird - School og Global Mangement
    Paul Johnson - Adjunct Professor
  • "Keld Jensen has a unique understanding and depth of expertise in his craft, with a creative sense of how to be effective in these turbulent times. He’s the best expert in the field."

    Martin Roll, Owner & CEO

Mr. Keld Jensen

  • Associated professor at Thunderbird University USA – no 1 on global eMBA programs
  • Associated Professor at Baltic Management Institute in Lithuania no 18 most innovative business schools globally
  • Associated Professor at Aalborg University Denmark – MBA programs
  • Former chairman of Centre for Negotiation at Copenhagen Business
  • School in Denmark
  • Contributor to Forbes Magazine on Negotiation, trust and behavioral economics
  • Board member – Danish American Chamber of Commerce
  • Board member Danish Contract Management Association
  • Former CEO of public IT company in Scandinavia
  • Published author of 23 international business books on negotiation and related communication published in 17 countries in 37 languages
  • Nominated best public speaker in Denmark
  • Advisor to governments, international organizations and public/private companies
  • Chairman – Center for Negotiation – an international negotiation consultancy company
  • Keynote speaker with more than 50 international speaking engagement annually
  • Often quoted expert in international media on negotiations (tv, radio, print)
  • Program Director on Master program on Negotiation in the US and Denmark
  • Nominated as Top Thought Leader In Trust in 2015 and 2016